• New Rates with New Prices

    WISPWest.net is proud to announce that during the last Winter up to this Fall, we have been vigorously working on updating and overhauling tower sites to provide more improved internet speeds! And the better news is that we are almost done!

    With the new equipment in place, we plan to start offering new rates in select areas. Here are the new rates as proposed.

    3Mb Download / 1.5Mb Upload for $29.00!
    10Mb Download / 5Mb Upload for $49.00!*
    20Mb Download / 5Mb Upload for $69.00!*
    35Mb Download / 5Mb Upload for $89.00!*

    *Curtain area’s where LTE equipment is required, may only get 1Mb upload.

    All rates are fully sustained speeds connected to our new up-link. We have new commercial size back-hauls piping the new speeds to our new upgraded access points to bring you new low latency high speed internet.

    Once we are ready, we will ship out a post card to area’s where the new rates are available. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 406-222-5454 or send us an email at support@wispwest.net!