Red Lodge Area Rates

Red Lodge area rates includes: Red Lodge, Roberts, Boyd, Joliet, Fromberg, and Rockvale.


Download Upload Price
768 Kbps Download 768 Kbps Upload $29.95 Monthly
1.5 Mbps Download 1.5 Mbps Upload $39.95 Monthly
3.0 Mbps Download 1.5 Mbps Upload $49.00 Monthly
5.0 Mbps Download 2.0 Mbps Upload $59.00 Monthly
7.0 Mbps Download 3.0 Mbps Upload $69.00 Monthly
12.0 Mbps Download 5.0 Mbps Upload $79.00 Monthly
10.0 Mbps Download 10.0 Mbps Upload $89.95 Monthly (Business Rate)

All speed packages are Burstable and Up-to Speeds

Other Services

Installation & Service Relocation Rates:
Area Installation – $99.00
Area Move Fee – $75.00

New Seasonal Turndown Rate:
If you are going to be gone and to save you some money, we offer a pause of Internet services up to 6-months for $10.00 Monthly.

Address in the Green Area indicates Location is in Service Area