**Listed prices do not include taxes and fees

3 MBPS $29.00 Monthly
5 MBPS $39.00 Monthly
10 MBPS $49.00 Monthly
20 MBPS $69.00 Monthly
35 MBPS $89.00 Monthly

Installation & Service Relocation Rate: $99.00

Other Products & Services:
Static IP – External Access for Camera’s or Remote Systems / Gaming – $9.95 Monthly

New Seasonal Turndown Rate:

Customers can put their accounts into a Seasonal mode 1 time per calendar year, for up to 6 months sequentially. This hibernation will suspend their internet services. Starting November 21, 2018 WispWest will start to offer a 2-week service activation to their seasonal procedure. Seasonal customers can activate their services for 2 weeks at a time up to 2 times within the 6 months seasonal mode. Seasonal services are $10/month with an autopayment option and the 2-week activation is $40 each 2 week period for unlimited speed of service.


Address in the Green Area indicates Location is in Service Area