Frequently Asked Questions


What is an IP address?
An IP address is the unique address that every device on the Internet must have. In order for your computer to send messages to an Internet server – such as, which has its own IP address – your computer must have a return address so that the server knows where to send its reply message back to. This process is very similar to the postal mail service. In order for your mail to get to where you want it to go, the destination must have a unique address and likewise for them to send you mail, you must have a unique address.

If I don’t have a public IP now, what do I have?
Today, we have a large, centralized NAT router and with the exception of a handful of subscribers, everyone has a private IP address that we translate to a public IP address as those messages go to the Internet.

For subscribers who are using systems such as Remote Camera’s, Thermostats, Smart Home Equipment or doing port forwarding, they have public IP address.

With a public IP address, are there additional security risks to me?
Good question. There are additional security risks that you need to be concerned with. However, these security risks are largely mitigated by using a NAT router. Even if you only have one computer, WISPWest strongly recommends that you use a router. If you decide not to use a router, TCT strongly recommends that you turn on the firewall on your computer. However, not all computer operating systems have a firewall. If in doubt, please use a router.

I already have a router, do I still need to purchase and install a new one?
No, you do not need to purchase a new router. The router you already have installed is performing the necessary functions.

How many emails will my mailbox hold?
On the email server, the mail box limit size is 500MB. If the account reaches the maximum of 500MB emails, mailbox performance will be slower until you delete older messages. If you are using a 3rd party application such as a Computer with Windows Live Mail, your computer could be downloading the message off the server and storing it locally on your computer. With this option enabled, this makes sure your mailbox on the webserver stays empty and only holds emails that havn’t been downloaded.

On the TCT email server, the amount of emails your mailbox will hold depends on the size of the email, however, the maximum size of email boxes is 150MB. If the account reaches the maximum of 150MB, no new email will be accepted by our server for that account until the box size has been reduced. Often users unknowingly leave copies of their email on the server. This causes the mailbox to fill up and will eventually reach the maximum limit.