What do do if your Internet connection is running slow or not working?
We first recommend power cycling the equipment including routers and the modem.

Power cycling the Wireless Router:
The wireless router can be power cycled by unplugging the power cable from the back of the device for around 10 seconds. The power cable is normally a small round black cable. On POE models, the power cable is the farthest Ethernet cable on the left. Once unplugged and plugged back in, it usually takes a few minutes for the router to “set up.” Once set up, your WIFI should be restored and allow you to sign back in. You will automatically sign back in if you have chosen the ‘Automatically Sign In’ option when first connecting to your WIFI.

Power cycling the Modem:
The modem can be found via the POE. This is what the POE looks like.

The POE is short for Power Over Ethernet which allows us to use the same cable as a power cable and data transfer to bring internet from the dish located outside to the wireless router inside. Unplug the power to the POE for 10 seconds or until the light on the POE is out. Plug back in and allow 2 minutes for the modem to power up and re-establish connection to the tower.

Check your current downloads
Most cases of slow speeds are from devices downloading hidden updates or other programs that utilize internet bandwidth running at the same time. For instance, multiple Netflix connections, X-box, Playstation or Steam game downloads or updates, Apple or Microsoft system updates, etc. If you find that these programs are running and downloading during the time you are experiencing slow speeds, try stopping the downloads to see if this restores speed.

High-Definition Content
Most of our packages do not support High-Definition content. If you are experiencing buffering using video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon; Try adjusting the video quality to the services.

Internet still running slow?
Head over to our Speedtest Page to troubleshoot internet speed connections or over to our Troubleshooting Buffering page to troubleshoot buffering issues with video or audio.