Email F.A.Q.
Why is TCT removing their email service?
TCT started offering email service when it first became an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which was common for ISPs to do and at the time there were no other viable options. As the industry has progressed, particularly within the last 6-8 years, many companies have begun offering free email services and they’ve grown to be very good at it. We have now reached the decision to shift our resources emphasizing our primary services (telephone, television and Internet) and to help our current email customer’s transition to an alternative email solution.

Is my email address going away?
Yes. If you have an email address that ends in,,, or, it will go away on 1/1/2017 unless you call 800-354-2911 prior to that date and request to keep it at a cost of $9.95/month.

How long will I have to complete the transition from TCT’s email service to an alternate provider?
You will have until 11:59PM on 12/31/2016 to shift your accounts to an alternate email provider.

How long will my emails remain on the TCT servers?
You will have until 11:59PM on 12/31/2016 to recover any emails from TCT’s email servers.

What are some reliable alternative email providers?
Our Help Desk recommends Google’s Gmail as a primary email service. They offer many additional services, such as cloud storage space, Google Plus, and the Google Online office productivity suite. If you have an Android-based smart phone, you likely already have a Google account that could be used for Gmail.
Here is a guide on how to transition to Gmail from your TCT email address.

Similarly, Microsoft’s free email services (accessible through,, or are also good choices. If you use a Windows 8 or 10 computer, you may already have an Outlook/Microsoft Live account that you use to log into your computer!

Aside from the major two listed above, AOL Mail is still available at and Yahoo Mail continues to be popular at
How do I let people know what my new email address is?

Aside from emailing them all your new email address, you can setup an auto-responder on your TCT email address until the disconnect date so that anyone who sends you a message will get your new email address. To do this, log in to your email here. Click on “Email Options” in the left panel – Select a start and end date for your auto-response – Enter a subject such as “New email address” – Enter your message in the body of the email; something like “My email address has changed to [enter new email here]. Please update your contacts to ensure that I receive your email” should suffice – Click on the box that says “Enable vacation message” – Finally, click on “Update Vacation Message” and you are all set! If you need help setting this up, please call the Help Desk at (307) 586 – 8118.

I use a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook 2013, Windows Live Mail, or Thunderbird at home, will I need to change my settings to use my new email account?
You will need to adjust the account settings on your home mail client. This may seem daunting, but TCT’s Help Desk is available 24 hours and will walk you through the process if you are in need of any help! You may reach our Help Desk at (307) 586 – 8118.
What about my phone/tablet email?

Like your home email client, your phone’s email app will also need to be reconfigured. TCT’s 24 hour Help Desk is available to help you out with this as well. You may reach our Help Desk at (307) 586 – 8118.

I don’t feel like sitting through a phone call for my email, can I set it up on my computer by myself?
You certainly can! Here are some guides for common email clients: o Windows Live Mail Client: o Thunderbird: o Outlook 2013/2016: o Mac Mail(Yosemite):

Are there any guides for setting up email accounts on my phone/tablet?
There sure are! Below are some guides for setting up email on Android, Apple, Windows, and Kindle mobile devices: o Kindle Fire: o iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch: o Android: o Windows Phone:

Can I move my contacts on my computer from my old email to my new email?
You sure can! Below are some guides on how to do exactly that! o Gmail: o Yahoo: o Outlook/Hotmail/

What about on my phone/tablet?
Contacts stored within your phone/tablet are local to the entire device. This means that all email accounts found on your phone/tablet will share contacts once they are entered!